How to Find PCOS and Pregnancy

Sadly, the bulk of women losing weight after pregnancy don’t do the right things. Though pregnancy can happen naturally and with the assistance of fertility treatments, there can be raised probability of pregnancy complications connected with the disorder. It is necessary to understand that PCOS pregnancy doesn’t necessarily progress without complications.
Things You Should Know About PCOS and Pregnancy

pcos pregnancy
Since several of the signs can indicate different conditions, it is frequently overlooked until infertility becomes an issue. In most cases, they will return if the pill is discontinued. Normally, your symptoms would be treated dependent on your aims. Since several of the indications of PCOS are connected with insulin resistance, there’s been lots of support for using metformin for a type of PCOS therapy, although it’s not approved for this use in many nations. There are many other symptoms linked with PCOS.
Fortunately, there are a few ways a woman with PCOS can acquire pregnant. Some women with PCOS discover that it’s difficult conceiving and require fertility therapy, while some have the ability to conceive naturally. Many women with PCOS will take advantage of fertility drugs to raise the likelihood of ovulation. Additionally, they are likely to experience pregnancy loss. They may experience a number of other symptoms as well. No 2 women experiencing PCOS have the same symptoms. An obese woman with PCOS can get many advantages from losing a number of the excess weight.
The disorder results in absence of menstruation. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an assortment of symptoms, not a particular disease. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also increases the possibility of coronary disease and higher blood pressure. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an issue that is brought on by a hormonal imbalance. It occurs when a woman some form of insulin resistance and can lead to many other symptoms. Discover how to raise your odds of conception whenever you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
When choosing an acupuncturist, consider a person who specializes in fertility for the best results. On a more severe side, in addition, it can alter the fertility and may lead to conception complications. Be aware that only a thorough fertility work out can determine the reason for infertility, thus a demand for any number of tests and procedures ought to be considered. It’s likewise one of the principal causes of female infertility.
In some instances pcos can not ever be cured totally, though you’re able to live a healthful and normal life with the correct treatment.So, if you’re having the issue of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome then you need to be ready to spot the symptoms so you may secure the treatment at a young stage. PCOS also raises the probability of preeclampsia, or significant blood pressure when pregnant, which can be terribly dangerous and even fatal for both mother and child. PCOS is distinguished by the occurrence of multiple cysts in the ovaries. PCOS poses the prospect of preventing conception. The best method to take care of PCOS if you prefer to conceive is to drop some weight.
PCOS is just one of problems when pregnant. PCOS can impact menstruation, fertility, hormone creation, and even physical look. PCOS is a complicated problem. PCOS is called a hormonal disorder which greatly impacts the reproductive system. PCOS results from a hormonal imbalance that leads to ovulation difficulties. Because PCOS plays such a massive part in so many instances of infertility, it’s important to know about the symptoms, particularly if you have beentrying to acquire pregnantfor a while free of success. PCOS and pregnancy PCOS can negatively impact fertility because it can protect against ovulation.
Things You Should Know About PCOS and Pregnancy
You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, and you’re wondering if it’s possible to have kids. PCOS has become the most frequent type of female infertility. Additionally PCOS can make it hard to conceive, boost rate of miscarriages, and boost the danger of type two diabetes. Actually, PCOS has become the most frequent cause of female infertility ( PCOS is among the most frequent sources for the female infertility. PCOS decreases the odds of being in a position to become pregnant quickly and easily, but the condition doesn’t discount the possibility entirely. In regards to PCOS and pregnancy, there may be moments whenever the danger of the mother and baby become insurmountable.
You can now acquire pregnant with PCOS. Getting pregnant can be exceedingly challenging whenever you have PCOS. Having PCOS doesn’t mean you will never have children. PCOS affect different systems within the body. PCOS is among the major and most usual causes of infertility on the planet today. PCOS and pregnancy may be excellent challenge.


What You Must Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

What You Must Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome occurs more frequently in overweight women so attempt to use control. It is thought that PCOS develops because of a hormonal imbalance within the body. Prior to a couple years back, PCOS was largely misunderstood and rarely diagnosed. PCOS may be a scary thing. Actually, PCOS is regarded as a genetic disorder.

PCOS is an important source of infertility. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a complicated disease that is hard to take care of. Since PCOS can result in insulin resistance, weight loss may be difficult, blood glucose levels can be large, substantial blood pressure is a danger, and all these things may lead to diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If you believe you may have PCOS, talk with your doctor after possible.

PCOS has become the most common reason for infertility in women. PCOS is the main source of female infertility. PCOS is related with being overweight or obese and productive weight loss is easily the most efficient technique to restore normal menstruation.

If you suspect that you could have PCOS, you’re best to ask your doctor at the first opportunity as it can take some time for those symptoms to be brought under control. Getting good nutrition is among the simplest ways to combat PCOS and infertility.

Infertility isn’t only brought on by malfunctionin organs but in addition by hormonal difficulties. It’s among the major causes of infertility in women. It is likewise the primary cause of infertility. Infertility isn’t the close of the world! Infertility is among the harder things to cope with. Infertility is the maximum risk involved with taking birth control pills. It’s also one of the primary causes of female infertility.

Your symptoms might include obesity and insulin resistance, in addition to an extra quantity of body hair. It’s essential to acquire the indications of PCOS under control after possible to be able to avoid it’s long term complications.

The symptoms vary in severity for unique women and fordifferent stages you might be in. Clearly the aforementioned symptoms aren’t pleasant experiences.

The symptoms are due to high blood insulin levels. Another symptom of is acne so should you be using anything to take care of your acne, be certain to talk about this with your laser epilatory clinic. The indications of PCOS are due to irregular hormone production. There are a number of common symptoms related to PCOS.

It is the most common cause of infertility in women. PCOS) is an issue that results from a hormonal imbalance.

In the event the cysts subside by themselves, then no treatment is demanded. They are growths containing fluids that can appear anywhere in the body. It’s likewise essential to spot the sort of cyst, so that, the plan of treatment can be decided.

How long do periods last?

How long do periods last? Menstrual irregularity and their conditions

The severity and the duration of the period are not fixed because it varies from woman to woman. Most of the woman suffer from severe bleeding while periods in other last just for 2 or 3 days. Women experience the period’s cycle until the menopause which usually occurs from age 45 to 55. It is acondition when women will no longer produce eggs to get pregnant. The period flow also varies according to the state. Most of the women who get the age of 45,they are likely to experience periods which lasts more than a week. How long do periods last is not confirmed even by science by the results have been concluded by considering the average women results?

Find out the reasons of the menstrual irregularity which cause excessive bleeding and cause health problems.

Length of the normal period

Periods are the monthly visitor. The frequency, flow and the length of the period vary every month, and if it remains constant every month, then you are suffering from the usual period. It is wise to be knowledgeable about the cycle because it will help you to identify the problems associated with irregularities.

Most of the women experience a period of the 14 to 16 days of ovulation and the gap between the menstrual cycle is 28 days. A regular period usually lasts from two to seven days while many women experience it between the three and five days.

Menstrual irregularities

Most of the women experience excessive, prolonged or heavy bleeding during the menstrual period. The heavy bleeding lasts more than seven days and due to the prolonged flow you have to change the tampon twice times in a day. The condition is known as menorrhagia, and you need to see the doctor if irregularities are experienced in life. The excessive flow causes various health problems such as iron deficiency, anemia, and any other associated problem. Only an experienced doctor will treat the abnormal periods.

Experience of First period

When most of the teenagers experience the first period, it may almost take two years for the period cycle to get regular. It might be possible that the adults may experience the cycle longer than 28 days. It is wise to keep track of your period cycle and count the days to check how long do periods last.

Factors affecting the period length

Many medical factors and the lifestyle influence the length of period and flow of bleeding. You may experience cramps, vomiting, nausea and related changes which occur due to the hormonal changes. As women get older, the production of the estrogen in the body decreases which result in shorter and lighter period. Women who have a fibroid or polyp in the uterus, then they experience heavy bleeding for the longer length which may exceed to 10 days.

Prolonged periods

If you are experiencing longer periods than the usual cycle, then it is the result of the hormonal change in your body. The sudden change in the flow or length of period may happen because of many reasons such as exercising, performing much work, irregular sleeping or eating habits and much more. If the periods continue more than 15 days, then you need to consult the doctor immediately because this condition may develop serious health issues.

Short periods

Anything or any habit do not cause short periods. They are considered normal even if you experience them for two days. A woman experience bleeding according to the body type, which is part of a regular pattern. So just do not worry and consider it reasonable. The length and flow of bleeding only depend on the amount of estrogen produced by your body. If your body is not producing enough estrogen, then you will have ashort period because of thin uterine lining which lasts for few days.

Teenager is experience

The normal menstrual cycle lasts between 25 to 30 days. Mostly teens have to experience the shorter cycles which may vary between 20-25 days, while women who are between 35 -40 may experience longer cycles upto 45 days. If the menstrual cycle does not get normal for more than 6months, thenit is the right time to consult the doctor.

You may experience the situation because of stress or by getting sick. If you are active sexually and miss a period during these conditions then most likely you are pregnant. You have to visit the doctor

  • if you have not got a period by the age of 15
  • You menstruate more than 15 days
  • You do not menstruate more than 60 days
  • Experience prolonged bleeding
  • Heavy flow
  • Experiencing pain
  • You get ill by getting fever

So how long do period last varies according to the condition. It is best to consult the physician for the short or irregular development cycle.

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Why do my nipples hurt

Why do my nipples hurt? – Here are all the possible reasons!

It is common that the breast nipples can hurt and get itchy. Women and girls; of all ages after puberty do experience this occasional ‘pain’ in their nipples. At times the pain might last for a long time while on other occasions it might go away almost instantly. There are many women who wonder why do my nipples hurt? It is, therefore, important to highlight all possible reasons that might be causing pain, stiffness, itchiness or discomfort in your nipples! You might be surprised to know that some reasons are very obvious. In most cases, if your nipples hurt that does not mean anything to worry about! However, nipple pain and soreness could also be a symptom of something serious. Hence, whatever the case, it is best to never ignore nipple pain because health does always come first!

Possible reasons behind your nipple hurting

Lately, if you have been wondering why are nipples hard and sore then you have just landed in the right place. We are about to reveal all major and possible most reasons that cause nipples to hurt, get sore and itchy or even swell! Getting to know all the possible reasons is also a great help for finding the cure or avoiding things that can cause your nipples to hurt badly!

  1. Puberty and hormonal changes

Puberty is the time in any boy or girl’s life when their body experiences the most hormonal changes. Girls especially experience a lot of changes; physical, emotional and psychological throughout this phase. Puberty is seen as the phase when a girl transforms from a child to an adult or at least enters the road to adulthood. Girls mark the onset of puberty with their first menstrual cycle i.e. monthly periods. This is a time when the breast tissues and muscles of every girl start to mature and grow as well. This is when the nipples also start to grow along as the breasts enlarge. Girls in this phase might experience an occasional tingle or pain in their nipples. This is absolutely normal and happens with almost everyone!

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause your nipples to hurt, swell and even get itchy a lot! This is because, during the entire pregnancy phase, the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body continue to increase. In addition to this, the mammary glands in the breasts are also getting ready to develop for breastfeeding the child. Hence, pregnancy can make your breasts hurt almost constantly! So if you are pregnant or trying to conceive and your breasts hurt or tingle; you shouldn’t be asking yourself why are my nipples itchy’anymore!

  1. Monthly menstrual cycle

The monthly menstrual cycle is when a woman’s body is very high in levels of both estrogen and progesterone. This hormonal fluctuation in the body can cause the nipples to get very sore and painful. Nipples can also get swollen. Many girls experience this every time before or during their periods. This is one of the most common reasons behind the nipples hurting.

  1. Menopause

Every woman who experiences the monthly menstrual cycle also witnesses the menopause. The menopause is when the monthly periods subside permanently. This is yet another time when women experience any physical and emotional changes. Breast nipples to hurt or get sore during this time are common.

  1. Allergic reaction

The breasts of women and especially the nipples are the most sensitive and reactive part of the entire body. Therefore, it is common for nipples to react to even minor external or internal stimuli. Nipples get hard and stiff as a result of excessively hot or extremely cold temperature. Nipples can also get swollen and hurtful as an allergic reaction to certain types of clothing material, beauty product i.e. lotions and creams and also to soaps, shampoos, and shower gels!

  1. Hardcore sexual activity

Sexual activity is when almost all parts of one’s body are active and engaged. Rubbing, squeezing or sucking on the nipples during hardcore sexual activity can cause nipples to become swollen and painful. Nipples of a woman also get hard when a woman feels high or is having an orgasm. However, be assured that this is only very temporary and breasts nipples heal very quick post sexual activity!

  1. Paget’s disease

Paget’s disease is a rare but possible reason behind the sore and itchy nipples. Paget’s disease is basically a disease of the breasts and is regarded as the precursor of breast cancer in most women. The pain and soreness get almost unbearable during this time. However, this should be the last thing on your mind because the chances of women developing the Paget’s disease are 1/10000. This is not something to worry about every time your nipples hurt but it is always advisable to get yourself checked every once in a while!

How to heal painful nipples?

Nipple hurting is common in women of all ages. Women do ask themselves quite a lot that why do my nipples hurt, you should also have some quick remedies up your sleeve to relieve the pain, itchiness, and soreness!

  • Using an ice pack on the hard and painful nipples can relieve that nipple pain and make you feel better.
  • You can also try using Vaseline or other mild ointments on the painful nipples.
  • Taking a mild antibiotic or pain killer might also help to heal painful nipples!


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spotting before period

Spotting a week before period

There are so numerous identities to spotting before period which all are experienced right before the time interval for happening of periods. These kinds of problem can be caused by implantation of eggs at some point, ovulation near to them, other harmful psychological condition or sort of physiological changes in your body as well. Most commonly visible signs and symptoms are taking pills to control the ratio of birth, hyper stress and chronic diseases which mean everything that matters for the happening of critical situations.

Menstrual Period

Menstrual PeriodNow, the important thing to get noticed about is that when actually implantation bleeding takes place in the specific interval of time. These entire systems last long for almost 28 days and hence repeat on loop cycle wise. Whereas the regular bleeding almost take place in women from 4 to 7 days respectively. And lastly for all those ladies, who fall into the category of irregular period circulation, will have menstrual cycle shorter or longer than normal 28 days. So the conclusion to this case is that the menstrual bleeding will last longer and will do occur in different ways and time interval each month.

As for spotting refers to vaginal flow this case will occur right before or after your periods are done with you. In such scenes, you will notice on your underwear the part of tinge blood. Some women also face the outcome of heavy flow each and every single month, which maybe not well for them or may be only the resemble again menstrual. As a matter of fact for heavy bleeding it’s work is like a situation alarming for you, informing you about your bad health and something big is coming towards you, that might be illness, problem or some sort of disease. In this case, you have to consult your doctor not only if you are pregnant but for normal women as well, as this bleeding are the sign in cramps in lower abdomen and intense false pain.

Vaginal discharge characteristics

For the long procedure of menstrual period, here come a ways that can be Vaginal discharge characteristicsexceptionally discernible and get things help as Vaginal Discharge. Without a doubt, you will become more acquainted with that before definite maybe a couple weeks’ occurrence of the period the unmistakable and smooth to some degree release on sometime in the not so distant future. The substance that turned out as white fluid is such a great amount of valuable for tissue greasing up. It might be free from any sort of germs or infections; however, the composition of it is truly sticky liquid. Truth be told, there are numerous ladies out there who experiences disease or disturbance as admiration to the vaginal issue, so the release of there may turn from white to some sort of yellowish or greenish shading which doubtlessly isn’t a decent sign by any stretch of the imagination. While releasing, genuine agony and tingle may likewise occur inside the season of happening. Despite the fact that blood tinge additionally turned out from a white liquid which demonstrates the impact of both disturbance and some genuine sort of disease.

Spotting before period kept a distance between from one type of them to any other type. Whenever you notice any kind of ring of blood or bleeding in your time interval of periods for 28 days then the discharge may come end up with pale or light in color. However the menopausal discharge can be painful in terms, unpredictable and also can be quite erratic.

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation BleedingIf the spotting of yours has nothing or has no kind of links with the terms of menstrual thing, then you came to the corner end which is caused by implantation bleeding. After the week before of menstrual period, these things already take place on his terms. And its shape it a life of light spotting or mild ones as well. Attachment of two fertilizer eggs together straight to endometrium or uterus wall ends up with Implantation bleeding. Causes are maybe when the trophoblastic make his round all the way to enter into a uterus, once done with it, it tries to embed and crack the hook out of which leads blood vessels. In this type of causes and leaks, they gather to spot the mild appearances in some of the body parts. Trophoblastic can also be treated if they get even worse on some body part functions like liver, uterus, and veins etc.

Despite the fact that it additionally came to view that a portion of the ladies likewise hinders getting mellow spotting amid the execution of implantation, these are the ones which experience high related seeping in different terms of condition. To manage it, ways are disagreeable and marvel for a couple of days yet before long they all prove to be useful. At that point training will stop and recoup all alone. A couple of ladies additionally experiences them with the extensive variety of exercises, for example, on and off spotting on them, they didn’t last more than a solitary week. There is no such time interim for draining implantation, some sleep for a few hours and some with a couple of minutes even some experience the ill effects of the couple of days which is to a great degree difficult and perilous on wellbeing circumstance. Now and again they just drop 3 to 2 drops of blood on the floor. The serious case is that the sleeping of 3 days which may even prompt passing.

But for a good hearing is that the heavy or light implantations of bleeding have to be considered as normal routine. But that’s not the end, you should verify and aware of the signs and symptoms that will occur earlier at some stages during the time interval of it. For prompt condition consult your better doctor or professional advice. Such symptoms include prolonged bleeding, extreme pain on different body parts, lightheadedness and pathological spotting more than the time of 5 days or so. Spotting before period may be discharged after a small while but after that the menstrual start to turn from white to brownish or pinkish color after when it coming for days it may also give itself a color of red which is life threating.

How to Put in a Tampon

Tampons are a great way to absorb the menstrual fluid. The tampons are great for absorbing large quantities of fluid. Many women face a lot of problems to put the tampon inside the vagina. You can easily learn how to put in a tampon.

How to Put in a Tampon?

In the old times, the women used woolen sack and other clothing items to absorb the menstrual blood. Today women use the pads and tampons. The tampons are a new way to absorb the fluid it is a better option than the pads. It is why many women insert tampons. You will find a lot of information on the web. You will find information such as how to put in a tampon, or how to insert a tampon with pictures, etc. The tampon is a very easy and a quick way to absorb the menstrual flow. The tampon is also cheaper than the pads. The problem is that you may not find it easy to put the tampon inside the vagina. Like many women, you may also struggle for the first time. It is why you should begin with a small tampon. There are many smallest tampons for beginners in the market. So, if it is your first time inserting a tampon use the smaller ones. Search the web, and you will find a lot of information on it. Here is a detailed answer to this question.

What is a tampon?

Before you know the answer to, how to put in a tampon? It is important to understand the various parts of a tampon. The tampon comprises of two parts; the tampon and the string. You can also use an applicator to insert it. The tampon is made of soft cotton. The cotton is in a cylindrical shape. The cylindrical shape makes it easy to insert. It absorbs the fluid before it reaches outside. You can then use the strong to remove it easily. It is also easy to dispose of.

Like many women,you may ask what size of tampon I should use. A small size is good for teens, and a large size is better for older women who have more bleeding.

How to put in a tampon?

You should first get ready and do not be nervous. Many women are nervous when they insert the tampon. If you are nervous, you may not insert it properly. So, be ready and prepare the mind to insert the tampon. Putting a tampon in real life is easy. Here is how you can learn how to insert a tampon or how to use a tampon.

The first step is to sit on the toilet and spread your knees. Make sure that you can see the part where you will insert the tampon. Then wash the area if it is already bleeding. When you sit, your vagina becomes parallel to the toilet/floor. To make it easy, insert the tip of the tampon in a parallel position. Grab the tampon with the fingers and insert it slowly. Once the tip of the tampon is inside, you can push the tampon as it glides inside. Once the tampon is inside the vagina but you can still see it, push it further inside unless only half the string is left outside.Make sure that you open the vaginal opening with the left hand while you insert the tampon with the right-hand fingers. Also, purchase the right kind of tampon. For example, the slender tampon for teens is the best choice if you are young.

How to put in a tampon with a built-in applicator?

You will also find a tampon with a built-in applicator. It is easy to insert the tampon with the applicator than the bare hands. First, wash your hands and unwrap the tampon according to the directions on the package. The tampon will be inside the applicator barrel. It also has a grip and the plunger. First, hold the applicator using the finger and the thumb then insert the tip into the vagina slowly using the grip. Make sure that you insert it at a forty-five-degree angle. Insert the applicator until you touch the fingers on the body.

Once the fingers touch the body, push the plunger inside. With the pressure you apply on the plunger it will release the tampon. Make sure that the plunger is properly inside the barrel. You can use the tampon for at least eight hours. If you feel any discomfort and the tampon is not in a proper place; remove it and use a new one. The small tampons are the best tampons for beginners.

The use of a tampon is comfortable. You will not feel any discomfort like you do when wearing pads. Learn how to put in a tampon with or without an applicator. Make sure that you learn it properly. You will find all size tampons. It is always better to use a small tampon for the first time. It will take practice to be good at it. Once you know how to insert the tampon, you will know the benefit.

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How Long Does It Take For Birth Control to Work

How Long Does It Take For Birth Control to Work any side effects?


Birth control medicines are often referred as pills and help to prevent pregnancy. They make the periods lighter and contributes to managing your period cycle regular. In many countries, the usage of birth control pill is entirely banned while in other countries it can be used under the doctor’s prescription only. If women use the birth control pill more often it also contains many side effects, so the question arises that how long does it take for birth control to work? You do not have to take the pill on a daily basis after sex. So the article will guide you to limit the usage of control pill.

How to use?

If your doctor suggests you to use it then, you have to follow the directions to make it more efficient. How long does it take for birth control to work will also be directed to the article?

Just use the pill on the first day of your period or you can also adopt a backup method like condoms instead of using the pill. It will start working when you will take the medicine until the last day of your period.

All you have to use the pill correctly because you may suffer from nausea or other related effects.

Control pill

A tablet consists of two main hormones which help to control the pregnancy. It is estrogen and progestin. If you do not limit the usage of medicine, it will prevent your ovary from releasing an egg and the situation may get worse if you will use it continuously.

Almost eight women out of 100 get pregnant in 1 year if the usage of it gets frequent, so it shows that the pill is very effective to use and if the direction is to be followed than even one woman gets pregnant per year.

Immediate effectiveness

The medicine needs 48 hours to become efficient and will help to protect from being pregnant on the first day. Using only one brand of pills does not prove and remain valid for a long time so all you have to do it keep on changing the brand because the body gets used to the one type of medicine and does not help in showing results.

Side effects

Following are the side effects which you will suffer. However, some of the minor side effects will disappear with the time. The situation gets worse for you then consult your doctor

  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Missed periods
  • Mood swings
  • Breast tenderness
  • You may experience severe headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Even loss of vision
  • In any of body part, you may feel numbness


How Long Does It Take for Birth Control to Work is not the question all you have to take care of the side effects because improper use of control pills may lead to serious diseases. The presence of hormone estrogen in the pill may increase the risk of clotting your blood, so all you need is the proper consultation of health care professional or your doctor.


Overdue of Periods

Women worried a lot in a menstrual thing and keep asking doctors or specialist about why is my period late and so on. They aren’t even pregnant yet and this case scenario came in their way. There are so many reasons for the happening of earlier or lateness of periods. Commonly known reasons are some serious medical problems or condition such as uterus problems etc. For every single woman, there comes a time twice in her life when the injection of her periods is so painful and irregular.

  1. When the period begins for the first time ever.
  2. When her menopause take place.

Periods happen to catch women at the age of 10 to 15. During the evacuation of first three or two years of starting they actually suffers from pain a lot, it’s due their hormones and other tissue part are still getting to be adjusted. This is the point where menstrual can cause missed or lateness of periods. Whereas the term menopause usually begins at the age from 45 to 55 years old. As long as the day passes and time fly away your transition on body goes through all over hence, on the other hand, your normal cycle routine meets irregular term. Between two terms for menopause and periods, each women starting suffers a time interval of a new beginning as for 28 days. Instead of this, the healthy and accurate cycle of menstrual can lead a range every interval of 21 to 35 days or so. Hence if your periods don’t even occur on any of this condition or intervals then you must have some condition to look after and to be treated.


How Long Does It Take For Birth Control to Work Stress is one of the most painful and dangerous things which can happen to any of our humans. It can lead serious damage to our tissues even has a great side effect on human brains. Even though hormones are destroyed when stress comes in their way, it can also change the routine of your daily life and even can lead serious damage on your body parts such as focusing, tissues, and brain as well straight strike to your hypothalamus. As time passes, stress, later on, gets stronger day by day, then it can even cause more problems to the one he catches, such as illness, fever, gain or loss of weight in the sudden moment and all those routines that can upside down your whole life. If you have any kind of doubt that maybe stress leads your period to be missed or happening on late routine, then try to relax rest a lot and take a nap of 20-30 mins each day in the evening. These techniques of relaxation will give a bump to make your lifestyle change and worthy living. The Even best case scenario is that do some exercise on a regular day to help you get back up and focused on your current track.

Low Weight

Why is my period lateis caused by some many and serious issues. One of the reasons is low body weight that happens suddenly in some point of life. Low weight can happen while on the diet, eating nothing more, eating disorders, bulimia or problem of anorexia etc. Some even may face missed spot of periods on the right time interval. Your body will change its main function as well as it will automatically stop ovulation of body when the weighing of yours will be below of 10 percent in the normal range of height. Hence, good news is that it can be treated and once the treatment is completed your disorder of eating and weight drop age will be healthy and put on its original normal value.

Eventually a healthy and strong menstrual cycle long last a range from 21 to 35 days. As even in some cases low body weight or losing a couple of pounds immediately can lead the hormonal to be changed by themselves and after a while overweight begun its procedure. Probably your professional, experts or doctor will give you an advice on starting a diet and exercise on a daily routine on morning time but as a matter of fact due to missed or overdue of periods, they seemed to be determined by obesity factor.

Polycystic ovary symptoms (PCOS):

Now this disease known as polycystic ovary symptoms (PCOS) is something that causes to produce and evacuate much and more volume of androgen and male hormone in the body. They also try to unbalance and vanish the hormone result out of the body suddenly it can happen. This situation leads to make irregular ovulation as well as stop it all together. During the time of interval on such harmful cases, other hormones in the body can also get out of balance such as insulin injection, it all happens with a single bump of insulin resistance in the human brain which is a connection with PCOC entire system. Now treatment for PCOS can only relief you to get rid of its symptoms. Your doctor may consult this over a birth control or something which is already a medication regulates term of cycle condition.

Chronic Diseases:

Some women also experience that their birth control cycle is changing on or even off to birth. As birth control pills and supplements contain highly in toxic of progestin hormones as well as estrogen that can easily get rid of ovaries for releasing such eggs. It can also be treated, and once done by the treatment it will take nearly about 6 months to recover all of his damage that he already did on a human body and inner sensitive parts. There are so many varieties of contraceptives that are later on injected into the implant or overdue the happening of periods.

Diabetes also plays an important role that can easily effect on your menstrual level, cycle, and its system. However, change in the duration of blood sugar are always linked with hormonal changes, such cases are barely need of happening and some are controlled physically on body parts which why women tend to ask why is my period late.

What side is your appendix on

What side is your appendix on?

The human body has a lot of organs and each organ has an important function. There are a few organs which have an important function but if you remove these organs you can still live a healthy life. It will affect the health but it won’t have a negative impact on the overall health.  For example, if you remove the tonsils you may live a good life, if you donate one kidney you may still be healthy, or if you remove the appendix it won’t cause any adverse effect on the body. Many times you may feel the pain on the right side of lower abdomen; it is a pain which may be related to the appendix. You may not know what side is your appendix on? Many people wonder is the appendix on left or right side? Here is a detailed answer to this question and also a few other complications related to the appendix.

Where is appendix located?Where is appendix located?

In 99.99% of the population, the appendix is on the right side of the lower abdominal region. It is one of those organs which you may remove via surgery if necessary. The appendix is the tube-shaped organ; it is a sac that is attached to the large intestine. The position of the appendix is at the junction of the small and the large intestine. The size of the appendix is about four to five inches long. Whenever you feel an acute pain in the lower abdomen or sudden severe lower abdominal pain, chances are that it is the appendix. It is how you can tell where exactly the appendix is. The lower left side pain is usually related to the appendix. There are a lot of appendix pain symptoms which you must know. You must pay attention to the pain, or it can damage the overall health.

You may know that only a few people also have the heart on the right side instead of the left. The same is the case with appendix. There are a few people who also have the appendix behind the colon.

The proper functioning and purpose of the appendix are not known. Many medical experts say it is a place which stores the good bacteria or other materials secreted from the intestine. Many medical experts also say that it helps the immune system. Many medical experts also say that it is a useless sack. In the medical terms it is called the “vestigial organ”,thus the surgical removal of this organ does not cause any harm to the health.

The conditions of Appendixwhat side is your appendix on

So, what side is your appendix on? You may ask where is appendix pain felt? What are the various conditions of the appendix or what are the symptoms of problems of the appendix? As you know that the appendix is on the lower right side of the abdomen, the pain in that area can be severe. You will feel the appendix pain on the lower side of the abdomen. It is a sharp pain which can be severe. There are two major conditions of the appendix; the appendicitis and the tumors. Both these conditions are severe.

The first is the appendicitis. It is a condition in which the appendix inflates and swells. The reason for swelling is not clear. The appendix in this situation can rupture. There is a great threat that it will swell and rupture causing the bacteria inside it to spread in the body. It is the condition which requires immediate medical attention. Without proper treatment, it can be life-threatening.

The second condition is the appendix tumors. These tumors are also very dangerous. These tumors secrete chemicals which cause severe pain in the lower left side of the body.  Without proper treatment, these tumors can also become cancerous, but those are very rare.

The symptoms of appendicitisThe symptoms of appendicitis

There are a lot of symptoms of appendicitis. The symptoms are also different in various people. But there are a few symptoms which are same. Whenever these symptoms arise, you should see the doctor immediately. Delaying might cause the appendix to rupture. You need to go to the hospital immediately if you have the symptoms such as continuous abdominal pain. The pain starts with a dull acute feeling in the lower abdomen. It produces cramps and sudden pain strikes in the lower abdomen. The pain will continue as the appendix expands (swells). It will then start irritating the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal wall). It is a sharp pain which does not go away. If it continues and gets severe as the time passes, it is the appendix pain symptom.

Another symptom of the appendicitis or the problem with appendix is a mild fever. If you feel the abdominal pain with low fever, it means the appendix is swollen. You should take medicine. If you feel severe pain with a high fever, it means the appendix is ruptured. Another symptom of the problem with appendix is indigestion. It may also cause vomiting and nausea.

Appendix problems in womenAppendix problems in women

The appendix pain symptoms in women are slightly different, especially in the pregnant women. It can cause stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, pregnancy discomfort and the pain in the upper abdomen. The pregnant women have a grown-sized uterus which causes pain in the upper abdomen instead of the lower abdomen. There are a few other symptoms too such as gas, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation, etc.

So if you are looking for the answer, what side is your appendix on, then read the above article. It gives the details about the location of the appendix and also the appendix conditions or complications and symptoms of those conditions. Make sure that you seek immediate medical attention in such cases. The appendix is located on the lower right side of the abdomen; in pregnant women (during the late pregnancy) it is located on the upper side of the abdomen.There are a few people who have the appendix on the backside of the colon. Only an expert can tell you where it is via proper check up or you can know its location via the pain and the symptoms.

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