Overdue of Periods

Women worried a lot in a menstrual thing and keep asking doctors or specialist about why is my period late and so on. They aren’t even pregnant yet and this case scenario came in their way. There are so many reasons for the happening of earlier or lateness of periods. Commonly known reasons are some serious medical problems or condition such as uterus problems etc. For every single woman, there comes a time twice in her life when the injection of her periods is so painful and irregular.

  1. When the period begins for the first time ever.
  2. When her menopause take place.

Periods happen to catch women at the age of 10 to 15. During the evacuation of first three or two years of starting they actually suffers from pain a lot, it’s due their hormones and other tissue part are still getting to be adjusted. This is the point where menstrual can cause missed or lateness of periods. Whereas the term menopause usually begins at the age from 45 to 55 years old. As long as the day passes and time fly away your transition on body goes through all over hence, on the other hand, your normal cycle routine meets irregular term. Between two terms for menopause and periods, each women starting suffers a time interval of a new beginning as for 28 days. Instead of this, the healthy and accurate cycle of menstrual can lead a range every interval of 21 to 35 days or so. Hence if your periods don’t even occur on any of this condition or intervals then you must have some condition to look after and to be treated.


How Long Does It Take For Birth Control to Work Stress is one of the most painful and dangerous things which can happen to any of our humans. It can lead serious damage to our tissues even has a great side effect on human brains. Even though hormones are destroyed when stress comes in their way, it can also change the routine of your daily life and even can lead serious damage on your body parts such as focusing, tissues, and brain as well straight strike to your hypothalamus. As time passes, stress, later on, gets stronger day by day, then it can even cause more problems to the one he catches, such as illness, fever, gain or loss of weight in the sudden moment and all those routines that can upside down your whole life. If you have any kind of doubt that maybe stress leads your period to be missed or happening on late routine, then try to relax rest a lot and take a nap of 20-30 mins each day in the evening. These techniques of relaxation will give a bump to make your lifestyle change and worthy living. The Even best case scenario is that do some exercise on a regular day to help you get back up and focused on your current track.

Low Weight

Why is my period lateis caused by some many and serious issues. One of the reasons is low body weight that happens suddenly in some point of life. Low weight can happen while on the diet, eating nothing more, eating disorders, bulimia or problem of anorexia etc. Some even may face missed spot of periods on the right time interval. Your body will change its main function as well as it will automatically stop ovulation of body when the weighing of yours will be below of 10 percent in the normal range of height. Hence, good news is that it can be treated and once the treatment is completed your disorder of eating and weight drop age will be healthy and put on its original normal value.

Eventually a healthy and strong menstrual cycle long last a range from 21 to 35 days. As even in some cases low body weight or losing a couple of pounds immediately can lead the hormonal to be changed by themselves and after a while overweight begun its procedure. Probably your professional, experts or doctor will give you an advice on starting a diet and exercise on a daily routine on morning time but as a matter of fact due to missed or overdue of periods, they seemed to be determined by obesity factor.

Polycystic ovary symptoms (PCOS):

Now this disease known as polycystic ovary symptoms (PCOS) is something that causes to produce and evacuate much and more volume of androgen and male hormone in the body. They also try to unbalance and vanish the hormone result out of the body suddenly it can happen. This situation leads to make irregular ovulation as well as stop it all together. During the time of interval on such harmful cases, other hormones in the body can also get out of balance such as insulin injection, it all happens with a single bump of insulin resistance in the human brain which is a connection with PCOC entire system. Now treatment for PCOS can only relief you to get rid of its symptoms. Your doctor may consult this over a birth control or something which is already a medication regulates term of cycle condition.

Chronic Diseases:

Some women also experience that their birth control cycle is changing on or even off to birth. As birth control pills and supplements contain highly in toxic of progestin hormones as well as estrogen that can easily get rid of ovaries for releasing such eggs. It can also be treated, and once done by the treatment it will take nearly about 6 months to recover all of his damage that he already did on a human body and inner sensitive parts. There are so many varieties of contraceptives that are later on injected into the implant or overdue the happening of periods.

Diabetes also plays an important role that can easily effect on your menstrual level, cycle, and its system. However, change in the duration of blood sugar are always linked with hormonal changes, such cases are barely need of happening and some are controlled physically on body parts which why women tend to ask why is my period late.

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