where do lice come from

where do lice come from

History of Lice: where do lice come from?

Lice are the insects’ lives in the head so commonly known as human lice. They are extremely small insects but cannot be harmful. They do not carry any disease but at the same time make you feel uncomfortable because of the reason that they can move on the human head scalp. The question arises that where do lice come from and where they are living? The answer is that they are living in the human hair just close to the human scalp. They can move from one body to another to survive and to live their life. They are boneless and cannot fly because they do not have any wings. Their food is only the human blood which they can get from the scalp of the human head. So in short they cannot harm you but at the same time sucks your blood and make use of it to survive.

Where do lice come from?

There are many theories regarding this topic that from where do lice come from? But not a single answer is satisfying at all. One of the famous scientists said that they came around 1, 00, 00,000 years ago when the human use to wear cloth and from then they are present in the human scalp. This result is according to him based on the genetics clarification and then formulated.

But there are some other theories also present based on this topic as someone said they came when the earth and human came to the universe and according to him when they will end up then that will be the end of the universe. Although there are somethings, nothing is surely confirmed at all. So as we know theories are given and then rejected by some other person and same is the case here many people gave their theories but no one was able to give prove of it.

How to cure them:

Lice can be transformed by the air from one body to another. They will make your head a place of infection and also make you uncomfortable all the time, as you always try to put a hand in your head to avoid them. Although these insects are very much annoying and make you uncomfortable at the same time but still they can be cured out by the proper treatment. They will be fully eradicated from the scalp by the proper medical treatment.


From the above detail discussions, it becomes clear that the lice are harmless insects present in the head scalp. They will feed on human blood and meet the extremely small size. They will always go from one body to another to remain alive. They will go from one body to another body by the action of the hair, or when you sleep with the person whom head is full of such insects, then they will transfer from one head to another body head and then try to feed the blood from their head.

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