What side is your appendix on

What side is your appendix on

What side is your appendix on?

The human body has a lot of organs and each organ has an important function. There are a few organs which have an important function but if you remove these organs you can still live a healthy life. It will affect the health but it won’t have a negative impact on the overall health.  For example, if you remove the tonsils you may live a good life, if you donate one kidney you may still be healthy, or if you remove the appendix it won’t cause any adverse effect on the body. Many times you may feel the pain on the right side of lower abdomen; it is a pain which may be related to the appendix. You may not know what side is your appendix on? Many people wonder is the appendix on left or right side? Here is a detailed answer to this question and also a few other complications related to the appendix.

Where is appendix located?Where is appendix located?

In 99.99% of the population, the appendix is on the right side of the lower abdominal region. It is one of those organs which you may remove via surgery if necessary. The appendix is the tube-shaped organ; it is a sac that is attached to the large intestine. The position of the appendix is at the junction of the small and the large intestine. The size of the appendix is about four to five inches long. Whenever you feel an acute pain in the lower abdomen or sudden severe lower abdominal pain, chances are that it is the appendix. It is how you can tell where exactly the appendix is. The lower left side pain is usually related to the appendix. There are a lot of appendix pain symptoms which you must know. You must pay attention to the pain, or it can damage the overall health.

You may know that only a few people also have the heart on the right side instead of the left. The same is the case with appendix. There are a few people who also have the appendix behind the colon.

The proper functioning and purpose of the appendix are not known. Many medical experts say it is a place which stores the good bacteria or other materials secreted from the intestine. Many medical experts also say that it helps the immune system. Many medical experts also say that it is a useless sack. In the medical terms it is called the “vestigial organ”,thus the surgical removal of this organ does not cause any harm to the health.

The conditions of Appendixwhat side is your appendix on

So, what side is your appendix on? You may ask where is appendix pain felt? What are the various conditions of the appendix or what are the symptoms of problems of the appendix? As you know that the appendix is on the lower right side of the abdomen, the pain in that area can be severe. You will feel the appendix pain on the lower side of the abdomen. It is a sharp pain which can be severe. There are two major conditions of the appendix; the appendicitis and the tumors. Both these conditions are severe.

The first is the appendicitis. It is a condition in which the appendix inflates and swells. The reason for swelling is not clear. The appendix in this situation can rupture. There is a great threat that it will swell and rupture causing the bacteria inside it to spread in the body. It is the condition which requires immediate medical attention. Without proper treatment, it can be life-threatening.

The second condition is the appendix tumors. These tumors are also very dangerous. These tumors secrete chemicals which cause severe pain in the lower left side of the body.  Without proper treatment, these tumors can also become cancerous, but those are very rare.

The symptoms of appendicitisThe symptoms of appendicitis

There are a lot of symptoms of appendicitis. The symptoms are also different in various people. But there are a few symptoms which are same. Whenever these symptoms arise, you should see the doctor immediately. Delaying might cause the appendix to rupture. You need to go to the hospital immediately if you have the symptoms such as continuous abdominal pain. The pain starts with a dull acute feeling in the lower abdomen. It produces cramps and sudden pain strikes in the lower abdomen. The pain will continue as the appendix expands (swells). It will then start irritating the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal wall). It is a sharp pain which does not go away. If it continues and gets severe as the time passes, it is the appendix pain symptom.

Another symptom of the appendicitis or the problem with appendix is a mild fever. If you feel the abdominal pain with low fever, it means the appendix is swollen. You should take medicine. If you feel severe pain with a high fever, it means the appendix is ruptured. Another symptom of the problem with appendix is indigestion. It may also cause vomiting and nausea.

Appendix problems in womenAppendix problems in women

The appendix pain symptoms in women are slightly different, especially in the pregnant women. It can cause stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, pregnancy discomfort and the pain in the upper abdomen. The pregnant women have a grown-sized uterus which causes pain in the upper abdomen instead of the lower abdomen. There are a few other symptoms too such as gas, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation, etc.

So if you are looking for the answer, what side is your appendix on, then read the above article. It gives the details about the location of the appendix and also the appendix conditions or complications and symptoms of those conditions. Make sure that you seek immediate medical attention in such cases. The appendix is located on the lower right side of the abdomen; in pregnant women (during the late pregnancy) it is located on the upper side of the abdomen.There are a few people who have the appendix on the backside of the colon. Only an expert can tell you where it is via proper check up or you can know its location via the pain and the symptoms.

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