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Human beings have to maintain a healthy pH as it is necessary for life. The pH of your blood is crucial for you. If it gets disturbed then there is no guarantee of your life. The pH of blood ranges from 7.35 to 7.45 and this pH should be maintained throughout life time. The pH of your urine varies as it depends upon the foods that you consume on daily basis. For a healthy body, it is necessary to take a balanced diet; one which contains all the necessary elements. The information of alkaline diet and how it benefits is described below.







Alkaline dietis the one in which you avoid all the sugary and oily fried things and switch to fresh and natural foods like fresh vegetables and fruits.

Many people like to take alkaline diet as it helps a lot in many ways especially in maintaining a good health.

You have to eat the alkaline foods and avoid acidic foods. The ratio between acidic and alkaline foods is 20/80 that should be maintained.

Some foods like oranges and banana are said to be alkaline but due to high content of sugar these are acidic fruits.

Likewise, lime and lemon were known as acidic but the low sugar makes them alkaline. It is good to consume these foods.

Other foods that you can consume are,

  1. Soybeans
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Avocadoes
  5. High water content foods
  6. Sea vegetables
  7. Salads
  8. Tofu legumes
  9. Dates
  10. Raisins

All the other fresh fruits and green vegetables are also necessary. These along with other alkaline supplements make an alkaline diet.




The reason for the increased number of people getting sick is due to higher intake of acidic food. It is not good for health so the ratio between acidic and alkaline foods should be maintained.

The reason of higher chances of cancer and heart problems is also because of this imbalance. People eat food containing high sugar and fat content. They eat fried food a lot more than fruits and vegetables. It is harming their health. If the acidic content of your body gets high then you have to eat alkaline food to maintain balance. These foods should be eaten in balance.

  1. You should increase the consumption of water, vegetables, foods and other healthy supplements.


  1. Go for a walk daily.


  1. Exercise daily.


  1. Reduce the consumption of high sugar content foods and oily things.


  1. Avoid drinking sugary drinks.


  1. You should eat Almonds as they will benefit you and are alkaline in nature.

You should follow a diet that maintains the right balance between acid and alkaline foods.



Alkaline dietor Alkaline ash diet are beneficial for you. This is advantageous for you in many ways. People taking alkaline diet are less exposed to diseases. Until the balance between acidic and alkaline foods is maintained you will not get sick. There are many benefits of taking this diet. They are listed below,

  • By taking this diet there will be less chances of getting arthritis, cancer and diabetes.
  • It lowers Blood Pressure, Cholesterol level and risk of developing heart diseases.
  • It replenishes the body with Vitamin D and other necessary minerals.
  • It aids in improving low bone density problem, reduced muscle and Sarcopenia.
  • Your healthy cells are protected and the minerals and vitamins level is maintained.
  • By lowering cholesterol levels it prevents the formation of plaque that blocks arteries.
  • Prevents the accumulation of calcium in urine.
  • The formation of kidney stones is reduced.
  • This diet makes your bones stronger and lessens the wasting of muscle tissues reducing spasm attacks.
  • It helps in lessening the severe pain and inflammation.
  • Problems like back ache; headache and menstrual cycle can be solved by taking this diet.
  • It boosts up the body vitamins absorption power.
  • It makes your immune system stronger.
  • As the pH balance is maintained, problems related to digestion are also solved.

These are benefits of taking alkaline diet so now you should be careful about your diet as now you know the importance of eating balanced diet.



It’s not difficult to follow an alkaline diet plan.

You have to take the following things,

  1. Alkaline water

Alkaline water can be made by squeezing lemon in it because the pH of alkaline water is between 8 and 9.5. You have to drink 8 to 16 glasses in a day. Drinking herbal teas like nettle and peppermint is also good.


  1. Green vegetables

You should increase the intake of green vegetables. It is a well known fact that vegetables contain fibre. This aids in improving your digestive system.


  1. Fresh fruits

Eating fresh fruits is beneficial as they contain high water content and are alkaline in nature. These help you in maintaining the acid alkaline balance.


  1. Respiring exercises

You have to practice breathing exercises daily. Sit in a peaceful place and do the following,

  • Breathe in the fresh air on count 2.
  • Hold your breath on count 8.
  • Now expel for on count 4.


  1. Taking alkaline supplements

There are many supplements in market known to be alkaline. The best are,

  • Green powder
  • Alkaline water
  • Alkaline minerals
  • Omega oil supplements

You should take these in order to maintain a healthy alkaline diet.



Now you come to know that, WHAT IS ALKALINE DIET? If you want a healthy body then you should take alkaline diet. You have to be careful as to maintain the balance. You neither should take more acidic nor alkaline foods. Always be careful about the healthy ratio of these foods.

WHAT IS ALKALINE DIET? A diet containing fresh fruits and green vegetables along with alkaline water is known as alkaline diet. It is good for maintaining a good health and benefits your body.

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