Walgreen near me – Walgreens a famous Drug store

Walgreens a famous Drug store


With the fusion of pharmacy and beauty product and grocery store, life of human being has become easy. One of the most famous store like this is Walgreen. Walgreen is not just one store rather it is a whole company with chains of stores. In this article I have gathered location and addressed the commonly asked question Walgreen near me.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • 24 hour Walgreens near me
  • Overview of Walgreens store in USA
  • Why choose Walgreens?
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Conclusion:




Walgreen is an American company, it is considered as the second largest pharmacy store in USA. The first pharmacy store is CVS store. Specialty of this store is that it contains health and wellness products, Photo developing service, it provides information on health and mainly it is used for filling in the prescriptions. The Walgreen store is located in 50 stated of US. 8,175 store has been functioning in these states so far. The main Walgreen store was founded in the year 1901 in the state of Chicago, Illinois. The main head quarter of Walgreen is in Chicago. Walgreen started getting famous in the 1913. Walgreen also claims that they have invented the malted milkshakes and also milkshakes.

24 hour Walgreens near me


If you are wondering 24 hour Walgreens pharmacy near me. Here is a list of Walgreens store that are opened 24/7.


Upland CA 91786 (North-west corner of Mountain and Foothill)


Denver CO 80246 (Colorado and Mississippi).


San Leandro CA 94579 (Washington and Leweling)

  • 121 E EL CAMINO

Mountain View CA 94040

  • 12051 E Mississippi Avenue

Aurora, CO 80012

  • 4001 E 120th Avenue

Thornton, CO  80233 (120th and COLORADO BOULEVARD)

  • 83 W 87TH STREET

Naperville, IL 60565 (87th and WASHINGTON)


Mesa, AZ 85206 (Southern and Greenfield)


Van, Nuys 91401 (North-East corner of Coldwater Canyon and Magnolia)


Olympia Field, IL 60461 (Governors Highway and Crawford)


Freemont, CA  94538 (south-east corner of Paseo Padre and Mowry)


Denton, TX 76201 (South-west corner of ELM University)


Roanoke, VA 24012 (South- east corner of WILLIAMSON AND HERSHBERGER).

  • 5120 N MAY AVENUE

Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (50th and May)


Tampa, FL 33606 (North-East corner of HYDE PARK AND PLATT STREET)


DURHAM, NC 27713 (North-East corner of FAYETTEVILLE and HWY 54)

  • 4521 OLEANDRO DR

Wilmington, NC 28403 (North-East corner of College and Oleander)


Chaska, MN  55318 (North-East corner of HWY 212 AND HWY 41).


OMAHA, NE 68131 (South-East corner of Turner Boulevard and DODGE)


Eldersburg, MD 21784 (North- East corner of Sykesville (32) and Liberty 26)

These are some of the top Walgreens pharmacy near me. That are opened 24/7 andknown for its good customer reputation service. Walgreen pharmacy hours are from 7AM till 12AM otherwise it is opened 24 hours a day. So, these above mentioned Walgreens store is the answer to the query about pharmacy near me open 24 hours.

Overview of Walgreens store in USA:

  • In New York there are 469 stores of Walgreens
  • In Wisconsin there are 225 stores.
  • In Florida there are 831 Stores (the largest number of stores so far from Walgreens)
  • In New Jersey there are 197 stores.
  • In Texas there are 173 stores


Why choose Walgreens?


Walgreens provide a wide range of products. You can even buy grocery from there. From personal care to health and Wellness products. Walgreen is all you have. Visiting Walgreen will save your day as you can buy everything under one roof. The products are affordable and users love them. The website of Walgreen is loaded with positive feedback from customers. Walgreen store also keep products that they have manufactured under their label. Walgreen has been running a green project from years now. Walgreen is the most ecofriendly store in USA. It is considered as one of the most energy efficient store. There is a diversity of suppliers that really want to work with Walgreen ultimately provide us with budget friendly products. Not just that, Walgreen has given job opportunity to more than 100 people in US. The recent project of Walgreen is formulating a multipurpose supplement for underprivileged children, which is soon going to be launched and will definitely be a breakthrough for many African kids. Today Walgreens is one of the most credible drug store worldwide and it has become an established store since its creation.


With the passage of time Humans are making sure that their life is going stream line. We make sure not to put extra efforts in things. So, just like every other aspect when it comes to shopping we make sure not to roam around place to place in order to get the things we require.  When it comes to multipurpose how can we forget Walgreens? Walgreens near me is an ultimate store that covers millions of products under one roof. In every state it is one of the best 24 hours stores near me. Although, not all the Walgreens stores are opened for 24 hours but mostly do. Walgreen is the most ecofriendly store that has been running various projects for benefits of environment. Other than that there is a vast variety of products that Walgreen manufactures. Costumers always give a positive feedback about the service provided by Walgreens staff members.


Are weight loss pills really effective?

Are weight loss pills really effective?

We see many people around us who are overweight and they are very worried about it. It needs serious efforts to lose weight without harming your health. Unhealthy lifestyle includes too much oily or fatty food in the diet in which fat gets accumulated inside the body leading to weight gain. Weight gain can be due to so many reasons like lack of physical activity, stress, unhealthy eating habits, genetic factors, or some prolonged medical illness. Being overweight makes you unhappy and you look least pleasing. It also leads to serious health issues at the end.

One common misconception noticed among people is that they are in a hurry and want to get rid of their extra fats as soon as possible but this idea is absolutely unsafe. There is slimming or weight loss pills available in the market that guarantees weight loss and appear to people just like a dream come true. Usually people rush to buy the pills without prescription and this is an issue of major concern. Whenever you think of purchasing these diet pills then make sure you buy the one which is certified and approved by FDA otherwise you will face many side effects.

Best ways to lose weight with slimming pills

Make sure you use these pills along with healthy diet followed by regular exercise. All these things together help you to lose weight safely. The results of these pills vary from person to person. Some people after some months are disappointed because of no success in losing weight while others are all over the moon by using these miraculous slimming pills. You must know that these pills lack the essential elements necessary during weight loss. The only positive side of these kinds of drugs is that they minimize the hunger pangs so that a person is less likely to overeat.

It is advisable that you must think of purchasing these pills with proper prescription from the physician otherwise you may face any trouble associated to these drugs. These are as looked upon by people are the quickest way to lose weight but make sure these must be followed by a healthy balanced diet along with frequent workouts.

Always look for the ingredients

Whenever you use any weight loss pills then make sure you read the ingredients in them. It will give you an idea about the drug you are about to use. If you see the name Ephedra written in the list of ingredients then skip the idea of using this drug. Recent research shows that Ephedra can lead to heart attacks and strokes. It is a very harmful stimulant that is dangerous towards your heart and central nervous system. So it is recommended that don’t forget to read the ingredients.

What are the side effects of weight loss pills?


Many people think that slimming pills are some kind of miraculous pills and are safe as well. But in reality there are so many hidden side effects associated to these slimming pills. There are some stimulant kind of drugs that increase the blood pressure, increased heart rate, abuse and drug dependency, restlessness and insomnia. There are some other drugs that interfere with the fat absorption in the body leading to gas, oily spotting and soft stools also. Pills that affect the brain through neurotransmitters can cause headache, constipation, nausea and vomiting dizziness and dryness in mouth. Alternative method can be found here.


Always consult with your doctor because he knows every kind of pills. In this way he will guide you about the drugs. Never go for the drugs that are not prescribed by the doctor otherwise you will face serious health issues. Don’t overdose the drugs for the sake of losing weight faster. Monitor your progress with every passing day and if you feel any side effects then discontinue their use. The doctor may advise you to use the pills for six to eight weeks. Never use them for long term because this can be very dangerous. Another important thing is that if you feel no positive results then stop taking the diet pills at once. Consult you medical advisor and he will guide you with some other effective ways to lose weight safely that will include healthy lifestyle along with some changes in the medication.

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Vyvanse vs Adderall

Vyvanse vs Adderall – differences and similarities!

Vyvanse and Adderall are two drugs that are quite well known for the treatment of ADHD. However, many patients get confused with which one is better which is why in this article a clear comparison has been made between the two.

The number of ADHD patients has increased in recent years due to which the demand for psychostimulant medications has also increased. Attention – deficit hyperactivity disorder is treatable with the use of stimulant medications such as Vyvanse and Adderall because they increase the number of neurotransmitters in the brain thus helping the patient to focus and increase concentration. These drugs also help to reduce the impulsive and hyperactive behavior. Today we are going to discuss the differences and similarities of these two drugs so that people can get a clear picture of Vyvanse vs Adderall. Adderall has been available in the market for a long period of time while Vyvanse is a relatively new drug. Some people prefer Adderall while others feel more satisfied with Vyvanse.

Main difference between Vyvanse and Adderall:

Both of these drugs are very similar with only one basic difference. Adderall is made up of 25% levoamphetamine and 75% dextroamphetamine while Vyvanse is made up of only one salt, lisdexamfetamine. This makes Vyvanse a prodrug which means that it turns into dexamphetamine only after it is inside the body. Due to this property Vyvanse takes a little longer to affect and the release is also smoother while some patients of Adderall report that as soon as the drug wears off they start to feel the symptoms again.

When comparing Vyvanse vs Adderall XR, the main difference between the two remains the same. The only difference is that Adderall XR is just an extended release capsule which is supposed to be taken once a day daily and lasts up to 12 hours. The chemical differences between Vyvanse and Adderall XR remain the same.

Medical use of Vyvanse and Adderall:

It is true that both of the drugs has been approved for the patients of ADHD however, both of the drugs differ in how they are used in the field of medicine. Present below is a brief overview of Vyvanse vs Adderall and Vyvanse vs Adderall XR when it comes to their medical uses.

Adderall has been around for a longer period of time since it was first approved in 1996 for treating the symptoms of ADHD but has proved quite effective for the treatment of narcolepsy. Patients diagnosed with narcolepsy are prone to short periods of drowsiness and excessive daytime sleepiness. For this purpose, Adderall is considered to be an effective intervention in order to decrease the sleepiness.

To date, Vyvanse has not been tested out for treating narcolepsy, however, it has been approved for the treatment of binge eating disorder. On the other hand, Adderall has not been yet approved for the treatment of this disorder. However, both of these are often associated with weight loss. A lot of people, on an off-label basis use Adderall in order to lose weight. The same is the case for Vyvanse. People, particularly those with binge eating disorder use Vyvanse in order to lose weight.

Both Adderall and Vyvanse have been approved for the treatment of ADHD in people that are 6 years old or more. Both of these drugs are included in a group of drugs which are used as first-line treatments for teenagers and children that are a victim of ADHD. These drugs help the children to focus more in the classroom and also while studying.

Vyvanse vs Adderall – risks:

One thing that is important to note when it comes to Vyvanse vs Adderall XR is the comparison of the risk involved when using the two. By knowing all of the risks, a person can make a better choice.

Vyvanse, as well as Adderall both, are categorized as controlled substances. If any of these is taken for an extended period of time, then it can lead to addiction. It has been previously mentioned that Vyvanse consists of only one salt which is known as lisdexamfetamine which is only converted to dexamphetamine once the drug enters the body. Meanwhile, Adderall actually consists of four kinds of amphetamine salts including dextroamphetamine.

Since both Adderall and Vyvanse consist of amphetamines, the working mechanism of both the drugs is the same. According to studies, Adderall is as effective as Vyvanse is and the side effects of the two are also quite similar. The only advantage of Vyvanse is that there is a less chance of Vyvanse being abused. However, Vyvanse has no generic form available which means that Vyvanse will cost more than the generic form of Adderall. The risk of becoming reliant on the drug seems to be similar for both of the drugs. Before making your choice, make sure that you read Vyvanse vs Adderall thoroughly.

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Is tramadol a narcotic

Is tramadol a narcotic? The related side effects of Tramadol

Have you ever heard of the term narcotic pain medications? Tramadol is one of those medicines which helps to relieve the pain. They are prescribed by the doctor in case of severe pain especially in adults. The formula of the drug works together with the brain and lets the body to response to the pain. After the use of the drug, the patient feels well. However, the rug has been classified in the narcotic by FDA and is named as the synthetic drug because the chemical structure of Tramadol is similar to narcotic. The question still exists that is tramadol a narcotic? Being in the category does not mean that tramadol is also one of them.

Tramadol recommendations

The medicine can only use and bought under the prescription of the doctor. If the physician has advised you this medicine then most probably you have to continue it for a week or two. This will help to lessen the risks of getting dependent on the drug. The human body adapts the tolerance for the tramadol quickly, and with time, the dose gets less efficient. Just like other medications, this medicine also owns potential risks along with the benefits.

Tramadol usage

The doctors prescribe the tramadol in a variety of strengths and forms. The tablet form is prescribed every 4 hours to relieve the back pain, postoperative and sciatica. The tablet works very well and gives instant relief within 24 hours. When the medicine is specially prescribed for the back pain, then doctors lowers the dose. The minimum dosage for the average person is 25mg, and maximum safe dosage is 400 mg just for the immediate release of pain. However, it is important to know the associated risks and the complications related with Tramadol.

Strong medication

The medicine helps to treat the pain and is considered as the safe alternative to narcotics. Do remember that it is an active medication and must be taken under precautions. The withdrawal symptoms and various potential dependence of tramadol are the primary consideration. The medicine has many effects on the work and performance of the human. Some of the mental and the physical conditions also get affected, and the situation becomes unsafe.

Complications and the interactions

It is the responsibility of the physician to inform the patient about the complications he/she has to suffer by the constant use of tramadol. The supplements should not be taken along with the tramadol. This will create the life-threatening condition because the serotonin levels increase in the body. If tramadol combines with the sedatives and alcohol, the condition may lead to serious medical situations.

When you plan to see the doctor because of any disease,then do not forget to mention all the history to the physician. It might be possible that your state will get worse and the associated risks will increase.If the patient is expectant or breastfeeding then, do not forget to inform the doctor about your condition.

Addiction associated with tramadol

The constant use of tramadol or the long term use may develop the potential for getting addicted to tramadol. It can leave the mood enhancing effect. The emotional state of the human being also makes you dependent on medication. The medicine has been reported as the controlled substance. The medicine owns some of the related symptoms like anabolic steroids. The experts say that the dependence and the addiction can also occur if the tramadol is taken as directed. People who have to deal with the timing of doses and the exceeding does have to suffer a lot from the severe dependency.

Individuals who deal with the previous conditions like drug addiction have to deal with traumatic stress or clinical depression.

Symptoms of withdrawal

Is tramadol a narcotic? To some extent, the doctors and researchers have mentioned the Tramadol as a narcotic drug. Even if the medicine is taken with precaution or the patient may stop taking it, it may create an unpleasant condition for the patient. Chills, Diarrhea, nausea, and nervousness are the side effects of tramadol.

Before taking the medicine Tramadol, it is essential to know the adverse effects and the related reactions.

How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System

Extent of Opiates in system:

When it came down to How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System, its only depend on your intake of amount how much you have taken it. Basically Opiates are some sort out of a drug category that has the ability to come to life from a derived plant as OPIUM POPPY. Opium poppy is the generated of opiates as the name opiates came from the category of Opium as well. They are several fake drugs as well but some natural they stay quite while in human beings systems while in intestine or urine named as Morphine and Codeine the two natural opiates beside the orientation of heroin and other harmful drug called oxycodone. These all four are very effective in their own perspective terms and usage also they are called the synthetic variants for their special kind of look and side effects. Oxycodone also falls in the category of Hydrocodone while came out from hydrogen while oxycodone from oxygen, the hydrogen one take this level to another extreme peak of semi synthetic known as Vicodin, highly addictive and dangerous in numerous condition. Let’s study them further:


This one is executed by the numerous collections of different solutions and mixtures. Such mixtures that came out from poisonous tablets, capsules and immediately pain relief supplements. This has some sort of high and quick function inside and outside of human health as its side effect vanishes within an hour but there is no doubt that this Codeine has took half bucket of blood from their veins. Its treatment for numerous types of effectiveness, powerlessness and illness for detection may go to undercover in:

  • 1 whole day of blood test.
  • From 1 to 2 day of urine test.
  • Form day 1 to 4 saliva test.
  • And 3 months of Hair test each day.


How longdo Opiates Stay in Your System from hydrocodone? Well it came out from the category of hydrogen; there is no doubt that this disease will be extremely powerful and effect of its own function. This also came from the mixture of different pain reliefs and medicine but this will surely lead the person to its addiction trap. Once taken you will be unlikely to get off from it in both ways either physical, mentally or psychological. The half 10 mg of it will surely get you dizzy for the next 4 hours. Their treatments are:

  • Still not known for blood test.
  • 2 to 4 days of Urine test.
  • Hours from 12 to 36 of saliva test.
  • 90 days period of hair test.


This one is so famous in every region of the planet earth. Kid all the way to old people is addictive from the word Heroin. Because this one gives such a relief to body and mind as well, a great peace that will not be found anywhere else besides this beauty heroin. How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System for heroin is longer than it looks. Some experiment also predicts that this drug is either takes in from nose or injection as well. The time period of its treatments are as under:

  1. 6 hours of Blood vein tests.
  2. 2 to 7 days of urine test.
  3. 5 hours of saliva tests.
  4. And same 90 days of hair tests.
Difference between Strattera and Adderall

Difference between Strattera and Adderall

Strattera VS Adderall both is similar in various ways. They used in medications purposes and most known for using in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). They both are also used to detect and treat the whole case for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Whereas the on Adderall is effective from the other one Strattera in the way of using it against the harmful disease and illness of narcolepsy. Instead of this these both are designed and manufactured to help the victim and patient of minimizing the hyperactivity and impulsiveness, as considering this two cases they also used to improve their attention in the medical sense of gaining their actual span out of them. As a matter of fact on paperwork these two medicine supplements are combinable used as a secondary or primary cure for ADHD in so many ways, hence their medication is of different types from one another. The one Strattera is selected by experts to examine the system of selective reuptake inhibitor norepinephrine hence they contain the amount of hydrochloride atomoxetine quite high from the above level of normal value. Whereas the other one Adderall is chosen by a patient for controlling the whole working off a central stimulant nervous system as they contain the less amount of value for dextroamphetamine and as well for an amphetamine.


They both contain on their own perspective terms and condition, mostly they belong in which way they have been used and for what treatment. They cure and treat many diseases and illness but also at some point of that they cut off them side effects in the body. Like many medicines and supplements, these two have also their own side effects. Whereas the risks may be high than any other medicines. In the treatment of drug these two can take your medication level of interest at a lowest effective rate. Whereas drugs are also used to cure and treat other harmful resources on human health. Make sure to consult your doctor on the notice of your own behalf supplement in case of any emergency for both counter and prescription.

Strat Risks

Strat has originally had less effective risks and side effects then Adder. As the packages contain the name of ‘Keep out reach of children’. It surely as something to get noticed about. As many adolescents and suicide, action has been noticed in children ideation. According to the information of Daily Med, the dosage of Start in adults and teen increase the happening of suicide act in them rapidly. Because the need of it increases just like drugs. There were no suicidal acts in young people who take Strat carefully for their own monitoring. Its side effects are as under:

  • Irritability and appearance of anxiety.
  • Aggressiveness hostility.
  • Impulse behavior on a daily routine.
  • Panic attacks after some breakage of the time interval.
  • Sleeping trouble or more like insomnia.
  • Mania.
  • Thoughts of suicidal act.

Some more side effects that have been noticed in patients and victims are as under:

  • Vomiting, Nausea, and upset of stomachache.
  • Appetite level decreasing.
  • Dizziness.
  • Mood swings a lot in such cases.
  • Mouth dry smell
  • Constipation.
  • Fatigue.

Some serious side effects of Strattera VS Adderall as of Strat are as under:

  1. The occurrence of allergic skin such as skin rash, swelling and hives on body spot.
  2. Slow down the growth in children.
  3. Priapism.
  4. Urinating trouble making.
  5. Liver damage.
  6. Problems that are related to heart such as walls of it and disease of cardiovascular preexisting.

An expert says that if you take MAOI’s with Strat then you may have acknowledged some serious problems within yourself such as decongestants, an increase in blood pressure and medications illness. If you are suffering from glaucoma than thinking about to take Strattera is such a bad idea. Consult with your doctor if you’re happening on breastfeeding or pregnant.

Added Risks

Adder has also an ability to control the amount of amphetamine in body cells. Some substances, especially in students, can be quite harmful inhabiting of frequently abuse forming. The organization of famous SAMHSA’s known as National Survey on Drug Use and Health have recently discovered and experiment on students and end up with the conclusion that the percent of 6.4% students are full-time suffering from abuse of Adderall. It’s potentially increasing side effects are as under:

  • Headache.
  • Stomachache.
  • Mouth dry smell.
  • Bad appetite.
  • Mood swings with nervousness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Loss weight rapidly in pounds.
  • Insomnia problem.

Some more serious side effects are including:

  • Blurry vision or eyesight.
  • Slow down the height growth in children.
  • The problem of circulation such as in toes and fingers etc.
  • Stroke or Heart attack in such cases for having problems like cardiovascular.
  • The high pressure of blood.
  • Seizures.
  • Heart rate increases.
  • Worsening problems of psychiatric.

Whereas Adder is more likely than Strat for causing illness and diseases like insomnia, high blood pressure and heart stroke problems. It causes more and more bad appetite in so many cases and ways. As same as for MAOI’s, you should not take it while having Adder. As for Adder, it’s not the good idea if you have symptoms and serious problems like high blood pressure, heart stroke and hardening of skin spot. You also have to avoid this medicine while you are again suffering from hyperthyroidism or glaucoma. If you do so then it will take you anxiety on the above level and symptoms may come worse than ever.

For substance abuse and medication level both Strattera VS Adderall is dangerous on their own terms and condition. Using both of them on high dosage will lead you to change in personality, hyperactivity, chronic intoxication and symptoms that are critical including insomnia. However, some doctors say that overdosing each of them will cause psychosis, tremor, confusion and serious damage to health and brain as well. As a matter of fact it will lead you to cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems even you will taste death. Stop taking both of them for no reason; as soon as you will visit your doctor safety will be in your own hands.