hairfinity side effects

Purpose of hairfinity and possible hairfinity side effects

Hairfinity is a popular hair protein supplement that keeps the hair long, shiny and healthy. The product is praised for doing wonders with the hair very commonly. However, there are many side effects of using this product as well that people usually don’t talk about. In this article, we highlight the hairfinity side effects or effects that are possible to be caused by the continual use of this product. However, before we talk about what are the side effects it first important to formally introduce the product to the people.

About Hairfinity dietary supplement

Hairfinity is a supplement for the hair that helps to maintain the good health of your hair. People are usually not aware but the human hair just as any other body part need nourishment and care. There are several components of this product that make it beneficial for the scalp and hair health.

  • Biotin is an essential constituent of the hairfinity product that helps to keep the hair healthy by making sure the scalp does not dry. It also protects the hair from outer damage such as damaged from straightening, blow drying, coloring your hair or curling.
  • Niacin is another active ingredient of this product. This product ensures the supply of blood to the scalp which helps your hair to grow stronger and thicker.

Side effects of Hairfinity

There is many possible hairfinity side effects or effects that are reported by users after continuous use of the product. We will briefly overview all the side effects that are commonly associated with the use of this product.

  1. Severe headaches

A very commonly reported side effect that is reported because of the use of this product is severe headaches. However, the intensity of the headaches can vary from person to person. Additionally, this side effect is not long lasting and subsides in the first few days of use.

  1. Hair loss

Hair loss is a surprising side effect since the product is all about promoting hair health and growth. However, this side effect is actually the initiator of hair growth. So a few strands of hair out of your head shouldn’t upset you much because it only means the product is starting to work.

  1. Fluctuations in the appetite

This product seems to do funny things with your stomach and especially your digestive system. You will experience a major fluctuation in your appetite. Some days you will feel very hungry while other days you will absolutely feel not hungry at all. Some days your metabolism will work like a horse while on other days you will have a terribly upset tummy!

  1. Itching on the scalp

The one side effect that is actually relatable to the product is itching on the scalp. As the product starts working on the hair growth the scalp begins to itch very badly. However luckily this side effect too is not long term and subsides soon.

  1. Boosted sex drive

Interestingly as a side effect of a HAIR product, you will experience a drastic boost in your sex drive. But is this a bad side effect? We don’t think so! It is actually a surprisingly ‘good’ side effect.

  1. Burning urine

The one funny thing that you will experience as a result of the excessive use of this product is a tingling and burning sensation every time you pee. This is because the product is known to mess with the digestive system’s functioning.

Final verdict!

Every product has some pros and cons. Similarly, there is a few hairfinity side effects that is associated with the continuous use of the product. However, does that mean that the product is not worth it at all? No, it does not! This product works amazingly well for most of the people. Side effects could actually mean that the product does not suit your body; which is completely natural and not very common. Side effects of hairfinity product can also indicate towards the fact that the product is being used a little too excessively and it is no secret that the excess of everything is bad. So you could try using the product in intervals to make sure you get positive results and don’t have to deal with any serious side effects.

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where do lice come from

History of Lice: where do lice come from?

Lice are the insects’ lives in the head so commonly known as human lice. They are extremely small insects but cannot be harmful. They do not carry any disease but at the same time make you feel uncomfortable because of the reason that they can move on the human head scalp. The question arises that where do lice come from and where they are living? The answer is that they are living in the human hair just close to the human scalp. They can move from one body to another to survive and to live their life. They are boneless and cannot fly because they do not have any wings. Their food is only the human blood which they can get from the scalp of the human head. So in short they cannot harm you but at the same time sucks your blood and make use of it to survive.

Where do lice come from?

There are many theories regarding this topic that from where do lice come from? But not a single answer is satisfying at all. One of the famous scientists said that they came around 1, 00, 00,000 years ago when the human use to wear cloth and from then they are present in the human scalp. This result is according to him based on the genetics clarification and then formulated.

But there are some other theories also present based on this topic as someone said they came when the earth and human came to the universe and according to him when they will end up then that will be the end of the universe. Although there are somethings, nothing is surely confirmed at all. So as we know theories are given and then rejected by some other person and same is the case here many people gave their theories but no one was able to give prove of it.

How to cure them:

Lice can be transformed by the air from one body to another. They will make your head a place of infection and also make you uncomfortable all the time, as you always try to put a hand in your head to avoid them. Although these insects are very much annoying and make you uncomfortable at the same time but still they can be cured out by the proper treatment. They will be fully eradicated from the scalp by the proper medical treatment.


From the above detail discussions, it becomes clear that the lice are harmless insects present in the head scalp. They will feed on human blood and meet the extremely small size. They will always go from one body to another to remain alive. They will go from one body to another body by the action of the hair, or when you sleep with the person whom head is full of such insects, then they will transfer from one head to another body head and then try to feed the blood from their head.

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Lice are a small insect, which is mostly found in head hair. It can also be present on facial hair like eyebrows or eye lashes. It bits and sucks blood from human body. The area where it bites, get red in color and the person suffers with irritation and itching sensation. No hair is protected from head lice. Mostly people think that black people don’t get lice in their hair. Well, the question is CAN BLACK PEOPLE GET LICE? Yes, black people can get lice in their hair, but according to the researchers they get less lice then white people.

Head lice create the itching sensations due to which a person suffers with feeling of embarrassment in the gathering.


Lice are a minute creature that is found in hair. Lice don’t have wings, so they pass from one individual to another by direct contact. They consume person blood and want to stay warm to live. Big head lice are approximately 1-3 mm in length.

The lice live in the region of the head and neck. They fasten their eggs to the base of the hair filament. We use the general word Nits because you can’t have one without the other.


Everyone thinks black people don’t get lice in their hair. Well, that’s not true. Black people can get lice in their hair; yes they get less than the white people. The people living in Africa and in Europe have lice lesser than the people with light skin tone. Researchers have found many reasons, but no one has ultimate answer to this question.


Researchers are working on the fact that why black people get less lice than white people. Well, some have found some reasons. According to the researchers, the hair texture of people living in Africa and Europe is different from white people. Black people have oval shaped hair whereas white people have round texture.

Lice don’t fly neither they walk. Lice crawl on our head and on our hair. It is difficult for them to crawl on oval shaped hair hence; this is the explanation to the question can black people get lice?

One more reason behind this is that African and American kids get head lice rarely is because of the technique, by which their mothers care for their hair. When head lice disease spreads in the school. The majority of boys get their hair blade off. They shave their hair as small as it can be done. By This technique head lice do not acquire much of a home.

Girls get their hair straightened with iron hot hair rods. As discussed before that Head lice cannot stay alive in heat, so they expire in this procedure.

Now, as everyone knows that black people can get lice. So, the question is how to get rid of lice? Well, here is the answer.

How to get rid of lice:

Lice are easily transmitted from individual to individual through contact with taint hair, by brush or comb and through contaminated cloths. Head lice can cause many infections in human body as they are blood-sucking insects, feed on blood from your scalp. You can immediately get rid of lice by reading our natural homemade remedies.

Good news for you, we will tell you some simple products. If you will use them properly, you can get rid of lice problems before they get a chance to grow.

  1. A very easy and efficient way to eliminate head lice is by using vinegar. Vinegar help to kill head lice as it consist of great volume of acetic acid, plus successfully dissolve dead nits.
  2. Use of mayonnaises and coconut oil will also successfully suffocate the tiny creatures and finally kill them.
  3. Onions contain high amount of sulfur, and ultimately used as a natural cure to treat head lice.
  4. If you still have a question how to get rid of lice don’t worry, we have some more remedies for you. If you use waxes or pomades every day, you will eventually stop growth of new fleas.
  5. Sometimes doctors advise pills for removal of lice. With pills you can also use special lice removal shampoos and lotions and apply the products on affected area.


Lice are a small blood sucking insect, which lives in hair of not only humans but also animals. CAN BLACK PEOPLE GET LICE?  Was the controversial question, answer to which is yes. Well, there are many remedies which help you to get rid of lice.

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