How long do periods last?

How long do periods last?

How long do periods last? Menstrual irregularity and their conditions

The severity and the duration of the period are not fixed because it varies from woman to woman. Most of the woman suffer from severe bleeding while periods in other last just for 2 or 3 days. Women experience the period’s cycle until the menopause which usually occurs from age 45 to 55. It is acondition when women will no longer produce eggs to get pregnant. The period flow also varies according to the state. Most of the women who get the age of 45,they are likely to experience periods which lasts more than a week. How long do periods last is not confirmed even by science by the results have been concluded by considering the average women results?

Find out the reasons of the menstrual irregularity which cause excessive bleeding and cause health problems.

Length of the normal period

Periods are the monthly visitor. The frequency, flow and the length of the period vary every month, and if it remains constant every month, then you are suffering from the usual period. It is wise to be knowledgeable about the cycle because it will help you to identify the problems associated with irregularities.

Most of the women experience a period of the 14 to 16 days of ovulation and the gap between the menstrual cycle is 28 days. A regular period usually lasts from two to seven days while many women experience it between the three and five days.

Menstrual irregularities

Most of the women experience excessive, prolonged or heavy bleeding during the menstrual period. The heavy bleeding lasts more than seven days and due to the prolonged flow you have to change the tampon twice times in a day. The condition is known as menorrhagia, and you need to see the doctor if irregularities are experienced in life. The excessive flow causes various health problems such as iron deficiency, anemia, and any other associated problem. Only an experienced doctor will treat the abnormal periods.

Experience of First period

When most of the teenagers experience the first period, it may almost take two years for the period cycle to get regular. It might be possible that the adults may experience the cycle longer than 28 days. It is wise to keep track of your period cycle and count the days to check how long do periods last.

Factors affecting the period length

Many medical factors and the lifestyle influence the length of period and flow of bleeding. You may experience cramps, vomiting, nausea and related changes which occur due to the hormonal changes. As women get older, the production of the estrogen in the body decreases which result in shorter and lighter period. Women who have a fibroid or polyp in the uterus, then they experience heavy bleeding for the longer length which may exceed to 10 days.

Prolonged periods

If you are experiencing longer periods than the usual cycle, then it is the result of the hormonal change in your body. The sudden change in the flow or length of period may happen because of many reasons such as exercising, performing much work, irregular sleeping or eating habits and much more. If the periods continue more than 15 days, then you need to consult the doctor immediately because this condition may develop serious health issues.

Short periods

Anything or any habit do not cause short periods. They are considered normal even if you experience them for two days. A woman experience bleeding according to the body type, which is part of a regular pattern. So just do not worry and consider it reasonable. The length and flow of bleeding only depend on the amount of estrogen produced by your body. If your body is not producing enough estrogen, then you will have ashort period because of thin uterine lining which lasts for few days.

Teenager is experience

The normal menstrual cycle lasts between 25 to 30 days. Mostly teens have to experience the shorter cycles which may vary between 20-25 days, while women who are between 35 -40 may experience longer cycles upto 45 days. If the menstrual cycle does not get normal for more than 6months, thenit is the right time to consult the doctor.

You may experience the situation because of stress or by getting sick. If you are active sexually and miss a period during these conditions then most likely you are pregnant. You have to visit the doctor

  • if you have not got a period by the age of 15
  • You menstruate more than 15 days
  • You do not menstruate more than 60 days
  • Experience prolonged bleeding
  • Heavy flow
  • Experiencing pain
  • You get ill by getting fever

So how long do period last varies according to the condition. It is best to consult the physician for the short or irregular development cycle.

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